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Welcome, home to Food For A Better You.  This site was created to help in choosing the right kinds of foods. But it goes beyond this if you truly want to live a healthy more vibrant life you have to plan for it. You are never truly successful at anything without proper planning and execution.

Our world is full of quick ready to eat meals for people on the go. Although convenient most are not all that healthy and can over time cause a lot of health problems. Everyone tries to eat healthy today but seems to always fall back on poor diet habits. This is why planning is so important. 

The choices we make regarding our foods can be broken down into 3 main categories. 

1 Cooking our own meals knowing exactly what’s going into them. 

2 Understanding and selecting the best possible ingredients based on our budget and time. 

3 Prepping ahead for the all too often crunch time. Having pre-cooked meals ready to go.  

The food choices we make really do have a long-term impact on our lives. The right foods can help ward off cancer. Fight type 2 diabetes, and prevent heart attacks and strokes. The wrong choices or food habits can cause all those just mentioned and a lot more. Food effect so much of our daily lives from our moods to our health it is amazing that we as a socitety have really bad habits by design. 



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I am a simple person who loves to cook. I have worked 30 years in the grocery industry 11 of which as a store manager. This experience gives me the ability to help others make better safer food choices. 

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