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My little Kitchen and And Sink

Welcome to My Kitchen! 

A blog of healthy recipes and better food choices for a better life!

With 30 years working in the grocery industry, 12 of which as a store manager, and a passion for cooking. Inspired me to create this blog in the hopes that I can help educate people on industry standards and practices that can lead to better choices when they go shopping. 

This site is new and undergoing construction. I will be working diligently to bring it to life. Please continue to check back and see what is new. 

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Showing My Kitchen and were I cook Family Dinner
My Little Kitchen, its small but it’s mine.
Better For You Founder
Hello, Thank you for dropping by.


I am Daniel Bilbay. Welcome to my Kitchen and Coffee Bar. 

A Simple Home Cook On A Mission To Live A Healthy Better Life. 

I have always been inspired, to live a healthy lifestyle, even though most of my decisions lead to the exact opposite. For the most part, I lead a busy active life and exercised regularly. Of course, there have always been times that I did not exercise properly or come close to healthy eating habits. 

Even though I was active the choices I made when it came to eating lead to poor results and developing health issues getting older. That’s the issue it’s our food choices that are leading to so many health problems. The truth is even when we are young the decisions we make on a daily basis can have a major impact on our health later on in life. This is especially true for anyone diagnosed  With high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, or heart conditions.  

Recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes was not really a shock, I looked healthy, but the junk I was cramming into my body did its damage.  But over the last year taking all my knowledge, experience,  love of cooking, and making better choices I have everything well under control and living a better me. 

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